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The HVAC schools in Florida offer that remarkable combination of education and enjoyment. We recommend that northern and midwestern residents consider spending a winter getting an HVAC education in Florida. Not only do you get out of the frosty cold, into the palm trees and sunshine, but you will also get the opportunity to see real A.C. units running for real. Florida HVAC salaries are effected by the significant amount of A/C work demanded in this state.

HVAC Licensing and Certification in Florida is very similar to most states, except that unfortunately if you are an HVAC tech from elsewhere moving here, there is no transfer of licensing that I am aware of. If you are serious about this, you will need to understand the hvac education and training requirements in Florida.

As the entire east coast continues to migrate to Florida for more space, winter sunshine, endless beaches and more affordable homes, you can bet the construction related industries have been busy.

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HVAC techs hold a special place in the heart of Floridians where the temperatures can skyrocket, and the humidity can make the air feel like you are chewing through gator skin. If things get hotter and more humid as you go south in the southern states, then nothing can compete against the wet hot summers of Florida.

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