Florida HVAC Salary Information

Your salary after a Florida HVAC Education will be guided by Florida being downright hot, with temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These high average temperatures are one of the prime reasons why houses and business establishments here are in need to control indoor temperature and humidity levels.

The HVAC school in Florida that you choose will inevitably affect your pay rate.

HVAC technicians are in demand in Florida and it even bagged the second place for the states with the highest employment rate for HVAC techs.  Companies in Florida hire around 20,170 HVAC mechanics and installers. Each one of these needs to have followed the exact HVAC licensing and certification requirements in Florida. Aside from experience, employers required HVAC techs to have a certification for  a specific field in HVAC in order for them to grant higher wage. The median annual salary for HVAC specialists is $41,080 while the lowest 10 percent earns $26,380. On the other hand, the top 10 percent makes around  $61,200. In order for technicians to get the median annual salary, one must earn a fitting degree and license in HVAC.

HVAC/Refrigeration mechanics and installers do have a wide range of choices when it comes to the kind of work that they will be doing or field that they can specialize. To name a few, they can do installation and maintenance of HVAC systems; troubleshooting and repair of HVAC systems; and even teaching for HVAC programs in schools can be a good option. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the annual hourly mean wage for HVAC techs that are hired by colleges, universities, and professional schools is $24.02. HVAC techs working in Building Equipment Contractors Industry can have an annual mean wage of $45,490. Direct Selling Establishments also hire HVAC mechanics and installer. Techs that are working on this industry can earn as much as $23.02 per hour. On the other hand, HVAC professionals working for Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers can have an Hourly mean wage of $24.19.  HVAC techs working in the Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing industry has an hourly mean wage of $32.95 close to those who work in Natural Gas Distribution industry and Educational Support Services with $32.31 and $32.06, respectively. For those who wish to work in Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution industry, HVAC techs can earn as much as $66,540 annually.

Before you start on the path to beginning an HVAC carreer in Florida, make sure you know the exact HVAC education and training requirements set by the state of Florida.

As of May 2014, HVAC mechanics and installers in Florida have an employment level of 23,660 which is highest among all the states. It is also found out that for every thousand of persons employed, three of these are working in HVAC industry. The hourly mean wage for HVAC techs in Florida is $19.37 and the annual mean wage is $40,300. The following industries have the highest concentration of employment of HVAC/Refrigeration specialists: Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance; Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Equipment, Supplies Merchant Wholesalers; Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance; Direct Selling Establishments and Building Equipment Contractors.

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Average Salary for HVAC-related jobs in Florida

As of 2015, HVAC Journeyman working in Florida can earn $36,000. HVAC Journeymen are those individuals that completed an apprenticeship program and at the same time holds   a state or local license as a journeyman or master. They are expected to have a broad field of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial applications of HVAC. HVAC Commercial Technicians on the other hand, are responsible for installing, maintaining and fixing HVAC equipment in commercial structures. HVAC Commercial Technicians in Florida earn more or less $46,000. With an annual income of $35,000 in Florida,  Temperature Control Technicians  are the one responsible for developing, assisting and maintaining the design of temperature control systems that are usually present in large scale manufacturing and production sites. For HVAC techs that focus on residential services, salary can go up to $46,000.

Florida, as a whole, has a year-round need for cooling which in effect gives a year-round demand for HVAC specialists. Aside from its climate, the main advantage that Florida has for HVAC techs is that it has no state income tax. It also  offers numerous training opportunities and a good places to practice the HVAC trade since there’s a continued influx of people that could really be a good target market.

Additional Facts

Panama City, Lakeland and Cape Coral are the cities in Florida with the highest percentage of jobs for HVAC mechanics relative to population. Meanwhile, Miami, Naples, and Jacksonville has the lowest percentage of jobs for HVAC mechanics relative to population. If in terms of absolute number of jobs for HVAC mechanics and installers, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale topped the list. Miami, Naples, and Fort Lauderdale are the metro areas that have highest median salaries for HVAC techs.