HVAC Education and Training Requirements in Florida

What are the Education and and Training requirements you will need from one of the HVAC Schools in Florida for a new HVAC tech?

Make sure you consult with an attorney before acting on any of this, and please ask the Florida board to answer any questions about your Florida HVAC education before you begin. This article is being written for general informational purposes only. You are able to call the Florida Construction Licensing Board by calling 1-850-487-1395

There are many educational institutions you can choose from in Florida. You will need to attend one of these, and combine that education with an apprenticeship program in order to get your licence.

Before you start your education in HVAC in Florida, whether you go to school in Orlando or Miami, you will want to decide which licence you want.

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The different licences have different educational requirements.

A Class A licence allows you to work on any HVAC system, cooling or air conditioning, of any size.

A Class B licence only allows you to work on smaller systems that are 25 tons of cooling or less, or 500,000 BTU’s or heating, or a lesser amount.

I have a question for the readers.

I personally have read through the law, and also looked through every page I can find on the internet related to the educational requirements.

I have been unable to find any educational requirements.

Is this because in the state of Florida, the only thing that matters is the apprenticeship experience?

I find this hard to believe because there is so much to learn to be able to do HVAC well. A truly skilled HVAC tech in my opinion should be trained like an engineer, understand the physics, the forces, the cooling and heating, and the technical information about each of the products and how to put them together.

Can you do me a favor? If you have the actual information about what schooling is required, can you please send me an email? Please give me your source of information, because I want to know if it is a 1 year program, 2 years? or something more. Please email me: hvacedadvisors =at= gmail.com

I am very curious to find out the truth of what it takes in florida for the education.