HVAC Licence and Certification in Florida

If you are looking for information to take the test, you can call the Florida Construction Licensing Board directly at 1-850-487-1395 To read more on education and training requirements for an HVAC tech in Florida, see our page here.

Before acting on any information below about Florida’s Air Conditioning licences, double check the law with your attorney and with the Florida Construction Licensing Board. Do not take the following as gospel. We are simply providing this as a loose collection of information to give you a background before you start your serious studies of this field. This is not legal advice.

Before you get to the date of the HVAC exams, and probably before you even attend one of the HVAC schools in Florida, you want to make sure your ducks are in a row. If you are on the path to a Florida HVAC education, then keep reading for a broad rough overview of the licensing requirements. Florida is a big hot state with a lot of money flowing through it. A/C in Florida in really big business. Not having AC for the disabled and elderly can literally be a matter of life and death, so the state makes sure you get it right.

There are two exams that most candidates must pass. Electrical contractors do it slightly differently, so ignore the below and read up on electrical contractors in Florida taking the HVAC certification exams.

Before you can take the exams you must of knocked out 4 years of experience. You also have to show a certain net worth before they will issue you a licence. This makes sense because if someone is riddled with debt, they present a certain credit risk to their clients. If you end up financially upside down you may not be able to finish the jobs started, and leave the client holding a half finished job with debts. Not only this but they want to see your credit report, again for the same reason.

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Florida offers two different classes of Air Conditioning Contractor Licence. They are a Class A and a Class B licence. The difference between the two at its essence is simply that someone with the Class A certificate can work on any HVAC system. Someone with a Class B licence can only work on systems that are 25 tons of cooling or less, and 500,000 BTU of heating or less.

The state of Florida go out of their way to tell an Air Conditioning License what they can NOT do. Activities not allowed under this licence include most types of plumbing, anything with liquified petroleum, running natural gas lines within buildings, and doing swimming pool filters and piping.  They also specifically state that you are not to do electrical power wiring.

As a Class A air conditioning contractor you are licenced to repair, install, maintain,  alter, extend, design, or fabricate refrigeration, heating and air conditioning systems. In certain cases you are also allowed to lay the ducting required to make the system work. Although much plumbing is prohibited you are allowed to install the drainage systems for condensation for HVAC systems.

The Class B contractors are allowed to do primarily the same things, just for the smaller systems under 500,000 BTU of heating or 25 Tons of cooling.

Mechanical contractors doing similar work have different regulations affecting them.

Florida does not offer any straight reciprocity with other states for HVAC licensing. With a plethora of schools and training programs in all parts of the state, this will slow you down a bit but will not be a stop.

If you have gotten this far, then you are probably digging into the technical details. At this point I recommend that you go and read the original law, which is where you will find the law of what you can and can not do. Here is the Florida Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractor actual law.